It’s a tough question — who is the best Agent in La Jolla. Well, when we factor in what makes a great Agent we use our personal grading system. It encompasses the traits, track record and knowledge that is required to earn such a tile. Here they are: What Makes an Agent the BEST in […]

AgentZip provides Real Estate Requiting Leads. The approach is simple: We put an Ad or Message in front of a Licensed Professional and ask them what they are looking for, what would make them Switch Brokerages and when they can switch. The results have been great. Agents are looking for something better. Based off the […]

Generating Real Estate Buyer or Seller Leads can be tough. Luckily there is a solution, the founders behind agentzip.com made a fully interactive course where you can learn how online. There are training videos, interactive guides, Blueprints and Copy/Paste templates. In short, learning how to Generate Real Estate Leads has never been easier. Real Estate […]

We all know what Uber did to Taxi Drivers, or what convenience Postmates added for On-Demand anything. The Commercial Laundry Industry is a 118 Billion Dollar Industry according to Business Wire . It’s no surprise, businesses don’t have time to clean their own clothing or drop off Tons of Laundry for Dry Cleaning or Washing. […]

CRE Lead Generation

Getting Commercial Real Estate Leads isn’t easy. You have to know Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, Amazon Ads etc. You have to know when a person is going to either Sell a Commercial Real Estate Property Buy a Commercial Real estate Property Lease a Commercial Real Estate Property Hire a Commercial Real Estate Agent So […]

Breaking into Commercial Real Estate isn’t easy, unless of course you know someone or have solid Mentor. Luckily, the internet has enabled the best talent and top experts, to be able to teach from anywhere. Now, most Top Agents or Brokers don’t sit down and teach their secrets. But, experts like Tom Ferry and Buffini […]

Who is Ylopo Ylopo is a Real Estate CRM and Website. They are founded by Howard Tager, who started Tiger Leads Howard sold Tiger Leads to Move inc – who owns Realtor.com and OpCity.com back in 2012. Many Lead Companies and Real Estate Tech companies will sell their company then wait 3-5 years for their […]

The Ghost Shield by Virushield is Clear and Transparent Facial Covering that isn’t your average clear mask. It is strapless and sticks to your nose with a comfortable medical grade adhesive. Amazon is Selling Fake Knock Off Ghost Shields – BUYER BEWARE. Bad Knock Off The knock offs on Amazon use rendered photos and even […]

Agents and Brokers know the value of a listing. Especially in this market. Times are changing and we are noticing that iBuyer programs from companies like Zillow, Opendoor, Sundae etc. are snagging more and more Sellers. Now to understand how these tech companies and platforms are getting these clients first, we have to remember that most people find answers online. This brings me to the first strategy.

When you think about Social Media companies, you likely think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and maybe, still Snapchat.   Each Social Media platform above has a Niche and Clubhouse has filled on that didn’t exist. – Facebook – the original – you add friends and you interact with their posts – Twitter – an […]