When you think about Social Media companies, you likely think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and maybe, still Snapchat.   Each Social Media platform above has a Niche and Clubhouse has filled on that didn’t exist. – Facebook – the original – you add friends and you interact with their posts – Twitter – an […]

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Real Estate Referral Companies that allow you to pay 25 30 or 35% at closing are the future of 2021   We saw this happen way back. Let’s Re-Cap which companies came into this space and what they do/did 1. Referral Exchange Here’s an Agent doing a Review of Referral Exchange. They ask for $1,000 […]

Recently, I posted a link in Lab Coat Agents facebook group offering a free training course on facebook ads. This was a course I spent days and days designing and years building, but, I offered it for free in hopes of it helping Agents. But, Believe it or not, Lab Coat Agents banned it and […]

Leads Flowing is a Marketplace for Lead Generation Leadsflowing.com is a marketplace where Businesses can connect with Lead Generation Experts, Companies and Freelancers to try out their services, try their leads or buy their winning ad templates. AgentZip is on LeadsFlowing.com at a discount, so you can try out Buyer or Seller Leads. Fiverr or […]


eXp Realty Commission Splits & Fees Some of you know about everything eXp Realty has to offer agents – from giving you KvCore – a website and CRM, Select Team’s Offering discounts to AgentZip’s powerful lead generation tools to dozens of weekly training sessions and their Virtual World Virbella – but you also want to […]

A Payback Story: A Real Estate Lead Website Ripped Off Our Website I discovered a couple years ago that this website: Completely Ripped Off Our Website Here is WayBackMachine proving it too: AgentZip.com Archives This website did this so they could Steal our Google Rankings, and they are ranking HIGHER NOW with OUR CONTENT! Crazy, […]

Be first, convert more You’ve likely heard the phrase “speed to lead”. It seems to be increasingly important in the days of online lead generation, primarily with regard to the big lead portals like Zillow, Realtor.com and their subsidiaries.  Here’s something you’ve probably heard: 47 percent of all buyer leads were never responded to. Average […]