A Payback Story: A Real Estate Lead Website Ripped Off Our Website

I discovered a couple years ago that this website:

Completely Ripped Off Our Website

Here is WayBackMachine proving it too: AgentZip.com Archives

This website did this so they could Steal our Google Rankings, and they are ranking HIGHER NOW with OUR CONTENT! Crazy, right!

I asked them to take down the exact CLONE of website and build their own, explaining it was hurting our website, THEY LAUGHED IT OFF…..

So here’s the thing, they copied our Website so hardcore, that they even were hosting the images from our website, which is why the first image of their website shows no image content. That’s because it was trying to load images from a website that got hacked and erased (wonder if they had anything to do with it)

So as I am working on the new website, I get an idea, why not connect via FTP and upload images with those exact names and folder dates, so that now, their website would show images I choose…

So I started off by making it all just one photo..

Then I decided to have more fun and add these

I also made the Images HUGE in file size, which slows down the website and hurts the rankings

I think the ‘Scumbag Steve’ Meme really iced the cake

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Next on the list is this Impostor Website with an embarrassingly bad logo


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