Breaking into Commercial Real Estate isn’t easy, unless of course you know someone or have solid Mentor. Luckily, the internet has enabled the best talent and top experts, to be able to teach from anywhere. Now, most Top Agents or Brokers don’t sit down and teach their secrets. But, experts like Tom Ferry and Buffini have proven it is available.

Recently, two Top Commercial Real Estate experts and Influencers created a full blown, in depth course that will help you get started in Commercial Real Estate. Dan Lewkowicz, a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Alongside Zach Roesinger have created the best Commercial Real Estate Course we have ever seen. Below is a video with Zach and friends.

The two describe their course like this:

CRE PRO Course was created as a direct solution to a resounding problem in the commercial real estate profession: an omnipresent nagging void of realistic, applicable, practical insight and guidance when agents and brokers are first starting out. This hurdle was present for the first several years of any commercial real estate agent/broker, until we solved it with the CRE PRO Course. Now senior brokers can spend more time on deals that matter, those that keep the brokerage afloat, while junior agents/brokers on their team can leverage technology, systematic approaches to prospecting, and autonomous proposal creation to maximize the mentor-mentee roles that are common in today’s commercial real estate brokerage teams.

The CRE Pro Commercial Real Estate Course is just $495 and includes in depth videos, trainings and guides to help you learn and get started in commercial Real Estate.

If you’re interested in learning how to get into commercial real estate, and want to do it at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home/office, wearing what you want, and using the device you want…our online courses are for you. If you’re serious about getting into commercial real estate, sing up for CRE PRO here on their Website: Https://CreProCourse.com

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