Generating Real Estate Buyer or Seller Leads can be tough. Luckily there is a solution, the founders behind agentzip.com made a fully interactive course where you can learn how online. There are training videos, interactive guides, Blueprints and Copy/Paste templates. In short, learning how to Generate Real Estate Leads has never been easier.

Real Estate Leads University makes it simple and uses proven methods that enable you to get Buyer leads for around $1-5 Each and Seller Leads for $3-20 each. These are High Quality leads too.

The Real Estate Leads Course

Part One: Interactive Step By Step Guide

The Course Has a Step by Step Guide that teaches you from start to finish in about 2-4 Hours how to Generate Real Estate Leads. There are 10 Chapters that you can skip or go back to at any time. From creating an Ad Account to Creating the Lead Ads that generate Buyer, Seller, Refinance, etc. Leads.

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The Guide is in Depth and Has Buttons you can hover over to learn more or get further details. It will show you step by step Exactly what you need to know in a very simple manner. You do not have to be tech savvy, in our tests, even beginners learned it very quickly.

How to Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads

10+ Videos

We include Video Walk-Throughs that enable you to look over our shoulders while we build Lead Ads. We explain and break down the elements, strategies and process throughout each Video

30+ Lessons

We provide interactive Lessons that enable you to go through Each Step and hover over Elements to see the explanation for each detail. It’s like having a Post-It note for each detail or question you may have

5 Winning Ads

We have a Copy & Paste BLUEPRINT of 5 HIGH CONVERTING ADS. Buyers, Sellers, Cash Sellers, Refi and Branding Ad Templates. These Ads have been used to Generate MILLIONS of Leads.

Lead TypeAvg. Cost Per LeadTime to Launch
Buyer Leads$1-5 Per Lead5 – 15 Minutes
Seller Leads$5 -20 Per Lead5 – 15 Minutes

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