AgentZip is The #1 Place for Real Estate Lead Generation, Marketing, and CRM for Realtors

AgentZip can help you to set up and create a system for Real Estate Lead Generation so you can reach people looking to sell or buy property in your market

We have a Lead Generation system that targets and re-targets people that are looking to hire a realtor to buy or sell their property

Once you are in our system, you will get email and text notification in no time. Don’t worry about compatibility because our system works well with most CRMs of your choice

We also provide CRM and other Marketing tools for you. Once you get our Lead Management system, you will get so much more!

Real Estate Lead Generation

How AgentZip Help Realtors to Get High Quality and Exclusive Leads

Real Estate Lead Ads That Works!

AgentZip has the expertise to run Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Telemarketing and other Affiliate Marketing Programs so you can get high quality Lead Generation. We are very passionate about lead generation for years!

Our founders have been in the business for more than 18 years providing clients with exclusive real estate lead generation. We have a management team that have spent years generating exclusive leads for realtors and we have the expertise to come up with the best Ads that brings the most relevant results.

Join AgentZip Today, and Get These Benefits:

  • Have a team of experts manage your lead campaigns
  • Get your lead ads created with full optimization
  • Get a custom strategy to target niche buyer & seller leads
  • Dedicated Telemarketing Team
  • We can give you geographic lead targeting by zip code, city, or county, as you wish!
  • We can give you different ads every month for variation
  • Don’t have to worry about Facebook lead ads, PPC, and Display Google Ads, we will manage them for you
  • Get Re-targeting and text +email drips
  • Partnership with affiliate marketers to get more results
  • Get instant email and text notifications for your real estate leads

Marketing Tools + CRM for Realtors

AgentZip can also manage all of your real estate lead generation and marketing activities. We take off most of the burden from your sales activities so you can focus on what really matters, to get as many leads as possible and to close the sales!  

Facebook Ads for Real Estate

We have a designated system that helps you to set up your Facebook Lead Generation forms or landing pages in just 30 seconds! You can also get instant notification so it’s very convenient for busy realtors

Landing Page Builder

Make custom home value, single property, buyer guides and landing pages in no time!

Email and Text Drip System

Set up smart drip campaign that will get you exclusive leads and nurture them to become clients

Top Agent Connection

AgentZip has a wide network of realtors and we can provide data of top agents with over 3 years of experience and over 10 transactions per year. This is a free service that we offer to our valued customers!

Local and Targeted Leads

This is the place to get high-quality real estate leads! If you sign up with AgentZip, you will get a custom lead database that can give you in-depth information on your clients. Our scrubbed leads will give you these information:

  • If they are buying, selling, or both
  • Type of property
  • Price
  • Number of bedrooms or bathrooms
  • Timeframe for hiring an agent
  • The location of the property including its address
  • Pre-qualification status
  • Preferred method of contact
  • Name, email, and phone number

CRM + IDX Website + Marketing

AgentZip also offers you Pro-IDX CRM package. This package includes a tool to manage your prospects and your entire real estate pipeline from start to finish. In addition, you can also send emails and text drip campaigns through this system. This IDX Website is a solution that integrate nicely with our CRM. It’s the answer to your prayers and we want to help realtors do the job and close the sales!

Dedicated Support Team

We value our customers’ satisfaction, that’s why we offer dedicated support team for our customers when they purchase real estate leads from AgentZip. Our customer support team consists of real estate lead generation experts and they are available 24/7 to answer your questions, provide solutions for any technical issues, and make sure that everything in your account runs smoothly. In addition, we have a Facebook Group dedicated to promote a healthy discussion between coaches, other realtors, and AgentZip team members. We are proud to be a part of the community and we want you to feel the same!Contact Support

What is AgentZip?

AgentZip is The #1 Expert for Real Estate Lead Generation

AgentZip is here to give your real solutions for your real estate lead generation. We have been in the business for over 12 years and we have worked with many real estate agents to give the best leads in the market. We have the expertise and we know how to best perform an ad for your lead generation. Let our experience speaks for itself! Our real estate lead system provides realtors and agents with qualified prospects ready to become your clients.

We understand that your main job is to sell homes, so we want to take out the most tiring part off your chest. We created a system that works, we believe in what we do that’s why we can give you guarantee a minimum amount of leads per month. We also value your convenience so we don’t require long contract. You are free to choose your own contract although we value long-term mutually beneficial partnership.

All of our system comes with a user friendly dashboard where you can manage all your leads. The dashboard can be easily integrated with you CRM system and you can also get instant text and notification to support you while you are on-the-go. If needed, you can also request your own landing page builder, Facebook ad templates, and other benefits!

AgentZip is the expert of real estate leads. We have many years of experience in real estate lead generation for realtors. We offer IDX websites, Facebook Ads, Google PPC, CRM system, marketing support, and other services for realtors. We can help you to get leads from notable websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Boomtown, Cinc, Easy Agent Pro, Real Geeks, and many more. This is just an example of how far we are willing to help you succeed.

If you wish to succeed, work with AgentZip now!