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AgentZip enables you to search our website for Leads we generate from people who want to be contacted to see Homes For Sale, Get-Pre-Approved, See a Property or Sell Their Property. For Mortgage Leads specifically, we also generate Refinance Leads

Quality Leads

Search Leads by City, State or Narrow Down by Zip Code. We know Realtors and Lenders specialize in Markets and sometimes a Zip Code is your Bread and Butter. We Make it Easy to find Real Estate Leads in Your Zip Code

You Control

We generate hundreds of leads in each day. When we notice a higher demand, or we have an Agent request a Zip Code, We increase our volume in that market. Each lead can be purchased up to 5 times, so you can buy it outright or buy a 1/5 Share of the Lead

We Generate Leads from People who have expressed interest in Homes for Sale or a Specific Property. We let them know an Agent has access to these homes and will reach out

We don’t run Home Value Ads. We specifically ask people if they want to Sell Their Home. They expect to be contacted by an Agent or Cash Investor

Our Refinance Leads come from people looking to lower their payment, cash out or get a reverse mortgage. These are high quality leads that we call Mini-1003’s

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How to Advertise on Parler | 2020 Parler ads guide

The Parler advertising network allows partner organizations to deliver dynamic, interactive marketing directly to our community.
Ads take the form of promoted posts and appear directly in the feeds of individual Parler users across the entire platform. Our advertising
partners can manage their campaigns in real time, respond to breaking events, and interact with the Parler community to drive their content.
We take great pride that Parler is a true public square where free speech is respected. To protect these principles, we ask platform-wide
advertisements to adhere to stricter standards than our general terms of service. All ads must meet Parler’s community standards as laid out in
our terms or service.

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