Getting Real Estate Listings in 2021

Agents and Brokers know the value of a listing. Especially in this market. Times are changing and we are noticing that iBuyer programs from companies like Zillow, Opendoor, Sundae etc. are snagging more and more Sellers. Now to understand how these tech companies and platforms are getting these clients first, we have to remember that most people find answers online. This brings me to the first strategy.

1. Google Search Ads

People find answers on Google and other search engines. People type in things like Sell my House or Best Listing Agent, check out the proof on Google Trends, which all0ws you to see keyword volume traffic.

Check it out here:


So you can set up Google Ads here and Also do Local “Find a Real Estate Agent” Ads which Guarantee Leads and Guarantee Lead Quality

2. Facebook Ads

I know, I know. You might say “I have tried Facebook ads – they don’t work” – but that is like saying “I ate a hamburger at one or two places and it’s a disgusting food”

Here’s the think – Facebook Ads are AMAZING – IF – You have the right person running them. Think about it this way: How many people are on Facebook and Instagram?

The ad you run Matters! What if I told you we figured out how to get High Quality Real Estate Leads   for $1-3 Each! Consistently!

Also, your Lead Form matters – We do it in a Funnel Way:


Step 1: Show a Eye-Catching Ad:

This ad hits some key points:

  • Yes you can Qualify
  • Yes you can buy with 3% Down (most people don’t know this)
  • Yes you can customize the way you search

    and that last part prepares them for the Funnel…..this was made by our founder Darren Johnson

    Look at these numbers and better yet — look at the Questions – the funnel SETS AN APPOINTMENT


3. Hire AgentZip to get you leads

AgentZip has been in the lead industry since 2016 and has generated over 1 Million HIGH QUALITY LEADS. We offer a full done for you service to help you get:

  • Seller Leads
  • Buyer Leads
  • Recruiting Leads
  • Relocation Leads
  • Recruiting Leads
  • Luxury Home Leads

AgentZip offers leads for $10-50 each, mostly on the $10-30 range. If you want to sign up or learn more, click the button below:


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