AgentZip provides Real Estate Requiting Leads. The approach is simple: We put an Ad or Message in front of a Licensed Professional and ask them what they are looking for, what would make them Switch Brokerages and when they can switch. The results have been great. Agents are looking for something better. Based off the Thousands of Leads Generated, we collected this data:

What Do Agents Want?

53.4% Said: Leads + Good Split + Solid Team

27.6% Said: A Brokerage that provides Leads + Tech

10.3% Said: A Team with a Strong Local Brand

8.6% Said: A Higher Split

What Ads Recruit Real Estate Agents

We have tried a multitude of approaches, based on the unique offering of the Brokerage we are recruiting for. You may want to lead in with your Reputation, Your Offerings – like Leads, Coaching, Training, Resources etc.

We found ads that show an Image like this

Real estate recruiting leads

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