That’s Right, The Two Gentlemen who STARTED this Company will teach you how to Generate Leads

Juan and Darren are known as the best Lead Generators in Real Estate. They’ve been doing it over 20 years, each. Juan was a successful Real Estate Broker but realized he loved Tech and Software more. He pioneered the ads that Launched AgentZip and get copied by all big companies….6 months after he Creates the Blueprint.

Darren has a similar story, he was building computers when he was 9 and got into Real Estate at 16 and became a Loan Officer at 18. He decided to go the Tech and Marketing route as well.

Well, good thing is, they finally decided to make a Course that will teach you how in ONE HOUR.


Learn how to Generate Real Estate Leads in One Hour

  • Buyer Leads
  • Seller Leads
  • Cash Sellers
  • Refi Leads
  • Recruiting Leads

Copy and Paste Learning

  • Step by Step walkthru learning
  • Interactive Screeshot Learning
  • Video Library
  • Social Network
  • Work Directly with Juan and Darren

The $999 Course is just $99 right Now


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