When you think about Social Media companies, you likely think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and maybe, still Snapchat.  

Each Social Media platform above has a Niche and Clubhouse has filled on that didn’t exist.

– Facebook – the original – you add friends and you interact with their posts
– Twitter – an open 140 Character platform
– Instagram – Photos
– Youtube -Videos
– TikTok- Short Videos

And Clubhouse -Audio Chatrooms with Mentors, Mentees and Listeners

So who is on Clubhouse?
What is the Clubhouse app? And how do you get an invite?
BIG NAMES – Mostly Digital influencers are increasing the demand





What does this mean?

You can get in an App that has Voice Chatrooms that look like this:

Everything you need to know about 2020's buzziest app yet, Clubhouse.

and in Clubhouse, you can chat live on Audio and get Advice from heavy hitters



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