Who is Ylopo

Ylopo is a Real Estate CRM and Website. They are founded by Howard Tager, who started Tiger Leads

Howard sold Tiger Leads to Move inc – who owns Realtor.com and OpCity.com back in 2012. Many Lead Companies and Real Estate Tech companies will sell their company then wait 3-5 years for their non-compete to expire, then start a new one with those funds.

Kunversion‘s founders first sold Market Leader and 3 years later came back with KVcore

Ylopo Loves AgentZip

We are always flattered when we see a company bidding on our Branded Search name on Google. This means, when Ylopo set up their Paid Ads on Google – they said

“Hey Google – make sure anyone who Types in Agent Zip sees our Ad first – the paid one on top”

So Who’s better for Leads? Ylopo or AgentZip?

AgentZip clearly is best in the Game….Hit that Apply Now or Check a Zip button above

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