Zshield vs The Ghost Shield

In Real Estate, or any face to face sales position, it can be hard to communicate and connect with our clients while wearing regular masks. Now that Clear Masks exist and we can practice safe social distancing . So we wanted to test the two best options we could find, they are:


The Ghost Shield 

Which retails for around $7 each



The Zshield 

Which retails for around $25 each

Let’s start with the Zshield:

ZShield Flex – ZShield™ by ZVerse

Product Features:

• Optimal fit—can be comfortably worn for many hours
• Customer-friendly—allows visibility of facial expressions for verbal
and non-verbal communication
• Redirects bi-directional airflow
• Can easily adjust up for active engagement and down for
idle circumstance
• Breakaway safety feature—allows for quick attaching and detaching
from neck
• Ultra lightweight
• Minimal noticeability—forms to the user’s neck and chest

Here’s a Commercial the Zshield is running:

Ok, now on to ViruShield’s Ghost

ViruShield Launches The ViruShield Ghost™ As New Innovative Solution To  Cloth Mask

The Ghost is a transparent, strapless respiratory shield that allows people to see each other’s faces and reconnect, while still managing the spread of respiratory droplets—the primary transmission vector of COVID-19.

Jonathan Martin, operations consultant at ViruShield, explains, “What makes the Ghost so different from traditional face masks on the market is that it is made from non-permeable, transparent material that controls the spread of respiratory droplets when the wearer exhales.”

The Ghost adheres to your nose with a medical-grade adhesive providing secure protection and reducing the pain and stress on the user’s ears from traditional fabric masks with elastic ear loops. When the adhesive is used up, simply recycle the mask and grab a fresh one from the three-pack.

“We know there are large communities of people who face serious challenges as they go about their daily lives wearing a traditional face mask,” says Rose Tafoya, ViruShield director of marketing. “These communities include frontline workers, transportation workers, individuals with known respiratory issues, teachers, students, and much more. Best of all, there are no painful straps, it is gentle on your face, lightweight, and gives us all the ability to keep the human connection alive.”

and in MarketWatch it says

The ViruShield GHOST is an amazing, transparent face shield that fits on the nose comfortably. Lightweight and reusable, the face shield allows a clear view of the wearer’s face. The security aspects of the face shield have been lab-tested and found better than conventional masks. The shield can be adjusted on the nose bridge for comfort and close fit with a reusable adhesive and is easy to clean and disinfect with a spray, unlike fabric-based masks.

The great ease, convenience, and safety offered by ViruShield GHOST are unmatchable. Clear communication, light and easy to wear outdoors, easy to clean, and even designed to be fork, food, and straw friendly!


Here is a Commercial by Ghost Shield I uploaded:

You can read more about the Ghost on Yahoo News here: https://news.yahoo.com/virushield-launches-virushield-ghost-innovative-145200054.html

Without further ado, here is my Review:

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